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Tawhid Afridi Biography

The name Tawhid Afridi is well-known in Bangladesh’s vibrant lowlands and beyond in the dynamic field of media development. Born on January 3, 1997, in Barisal, Bangladesh, this 26-year-old genius His life story has been deftly woven into the digital fabric, leaving an enduring legacy as a YouTuber, actor, singer, and general entertainment. As we go into Tawhid Afridi’s fascinating journey, let’s examine its beginnings, the range of pathways he has taken, and the impact he has had on the entertainment business.

Fast View Taking Tawhid Afridi

Full NameTawhid Uddin Afridi
NicknameTawhid Afridi
BirthplaceBarisal, Bangladesh
OccupationYouTuber, Actor, Singer, Entrepreneur
Active Years2015 – Present
BirthdayJanuary 3, 1997
Age Now26 years (as of 2023)
Zodiac SignCapricorn
EducationNew York Film Academy (London)
SchoolCan book School (England)
CollegeDhaka College
UniversityNew York Film Academy (London)
Home TownDhaka, Bangladesh
Current TownDhaka, Bangladesh
ResidencyDhaka, Bangladesh


Tawhid afridi age

In Bangladesh’s Barisal, a Star Is Born

Tawhid Uddin Afridi is born on January 3rd in Barisal, Bangladesh.


tawhid afridi new blog

online content creation

He starts gaining recognition as a YouTuber, contributing to the online content creation community.


youtuber tawhid afridi


awhid Afridi ventures into entrepreneurship, showcasing his versatility.


tawhid afridi education

higher education

Pursues higher education at the New York Film Academy in London.


tawhid afridi net worth


Tawhid Afridi turns 26 years old on January 3rd.


Tawhid afridi family

As of 2023

As of 2023, Tawhid Afridi is actively involved in various fields, including YouTube, acting, singing, and entrepreneurship. He resides in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Childhood – Barisal to Dhaka

Tawhid Afridi’s life story started in the central Bangladeshi city of Barisal. Afridi is a Capricorn full of desire. His loving and encouraging parents, Nasir Uddin Sathi and Asfia Uddin helped him develop the endearing personality that would go on to captivate millions of people. Tawhid’s journey was firmly rooted in his family since his older sister Prami Afridi would go on to achieve widespread recognition on the internet.

Soon after, the family relocated to Dhaka, where Tawhid began attending school. Tawhid deviated from the norm at an early age, finishing his basic and college education at Dhaka College.

Journey Into Education

As Tawhid Afridi approached the intersection of ambition and education, he made a risky move. London drew near with its promise of more expansive views. He traveled abroad to attend the prestigious New York Film Academy in London. Here, he honed his abilities by investigating the subtleties of entertainment and film. His international experiences deepened his comprehension and laid the groundwork for the creativity that would later define his writing.

tawhid afridi blog

The Tawhid Afridi Program on MY TV

In 2015, Tawhid Afridi made his debut in the professional sphere. Tawhid began his comedic career on MY TV, one of Bangladesh’s most popular television networks. He transitioned from anchor to all-around entertainer, acting, filming successful comedies, and prank films that ushered in the “Tawhid Afridi Show.”


When Tawhid Afridi came up on YouTube, his life changed drastically. He ventured into the vast world of creating digital content creation in 2015 when he opened his YouTube channel under the same name. On this virtual canvas, he produced a vast array of content, from humorous cartoons that made people laugh to captivating vlogs that offered viewers an inside look at his life. He Has Done More Than 110 Vlogs From 2015-2023.

Tawhid quickly gained attention with his amusing and relatable work. He collaborated with other YouTubers to create a tapestry of videos that demonstrated the inventiveness and friendship of Bangladesh’s digital scene, including Shakib Khan, Siam Ahmed, Raihan Rafi, Prottoy Heron, and others.

Tawhid Afridi donned a vocalist’s headpiece, Despite the jeers, Tawhid Afridi dressed like a singer. He became well-known as a comedian and melodic genius on social media for his musical interpretations of Bengali tunes. His often romantic and upbeat melodies struck a chord with his audience and showed a side of his talent beyond humor.

His online presence expanded in tandem with his on-screen persona. His range as an actor was demonstrated in movies like “Doob: No Bed of Roses” (2017), where he portrayed Nitu, and the 2019 comedic web series “Money Honey,” where he took on the role of Tawhid. He gained recognition in the celluloid business by collaborating with renowned directors such as Shihab and Mostofa Sarwar Farooki.

Show Off Your Clothes Brand

Tawhid Afridi’s entrepreneurial spirit extends beyond the internet and manifests itself in an upscale apparel line that has become a byword for sophistication and excellent craftsmanship. Tawhid’s brand is a fashion powerhouse making waves in Bangladesh’s crowded streets with its faultless blend of affordable and fashionable styles.

From a dream, it has expanded to include other venues where patrons can experience a little bit of the Afridi flair. These spots are judiciously scattered around the cities of the country. Tawhid has collaborated with close friends who share his passion for fashion to turn his apparel line into a force that sets trends. The line showcases his commercial acumen in addition to his sense of flair.

tawhid afridi age

Family Life

The rhythm of family is the beating heart of Tawhid Afridi’s fascinating life narrative. His father, Nasir Uddin Sathi, not only has an important role as the chairman of MY TV, but he also provides insightful advice and boisterous laughs during their time together. Tawhid’s mother Asfia Uddin, a dedicated housewife and a source of strength, adds warmth and affection outside the screen.

The Afridi family functions as a cohesive entity to offer a system of harmonious understanding and support. Prami Afridi, Tawhid’s sister, has also developed her own brand as a social media influencer and YouTuber, taking cues from her brother’s career trajectory to become a well-known figure in her own right.

Tawhid’s vlogs showcase this innate family connection, providing viewers with a a glimpse of a world where love, laughter, and shared experiences are the true jewels that beautify their path. The Afridi family, a brilliant example of unity who portrays the digital master as well as the son and brother who are deeply entwined in the arms of their loved ones, completes the tale of Tawhid Afridi.

Generosity and Surprising Turns

One thing that sets Tawhid apart is how nice he is to his family. Riding high on his achievement, the computer wizard bought extravagant presents for his family, which included cars, motorcycles, and iPhones. His vlogs became a way for him to share his successes and the joys he experienced with his loved ones.

Individual Life

Despite becoming a social media sensation, Tawhid Afridi stays quiet in his personal life. His romantic involvement has been the subject of reports, one of which links him to the actress Dighi. Tawhid, who is devoted to his work, has steadfastly refuted these accusations, maintaining the mystery around his personal life.

Things Tawhid Afridi Loves Most

Tawhid Afridi, a devout follower of Islam, took his family on the sacred Umrah pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia. By posting his spiritual experiences on his YouTube channel, he connects with individuals who appreciate the blending of spirituality and technology.

Tawhid’s interests outside of the camera reflect something about his vibrant personality. His varied interests, which include movies, travel, cricket, and shopping sprees, are a reflection of the multifaceted person that draws his fans. Red, white, black, and blue are his favorite colors, and they permeate every aspect of his public character.

Favorite Foods:Vuna Khichuri, Pizza, Grill Chicken, Kacchi Biryani, Seekh Kebab, and Panta Ilish
Favorite Colors:Black, Green, White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Brown, etc.
Favorite Perfumes:Gold Scentstory, Centrepiece, Sweet Tobacco Spirits, Fogg, and Freeway
Favorite Actors:Alamgir, Abdur Rajjak, Shakib Khan, Arifin Shuvoo, Salman Knan, and Salman Shah
Favorite Singers:James, Ayub Bachchu, Samz Vai, Eleyas Hossain, Asif Akbar, Arman Alif, Habib Wahid, and Nancy
Favorite Actress:Rafiath Rashid Mithila, Moushumi, Deepika padukone, Akhi Alamgir and Nusraat Faria
Favorite Place:Dhaka, Sylhet, Cox’s Bazar, Bandarban, England, London, Canada, Nepal, and the USA
Favorite Animals:Dog & Cat
Favorite Hobby:Traveling, politics, singing songs, Acting, Reading, playing games, and Shopping.

Disputations and Excuses

Tawhid Afridi, like all famous people, has been a part of controversy. Claims that some of his films are offensive, rude, or profane have sparked heated debates. In the face of these storms, Tawhid apologized and made it apparent that he didn’t mean to insult anyone; he only wanted to create stuff for entertainment and fun.

Afridi Tawhid’s Net Worth

Tawhid Afridi’s riches is not just derived from his YouTube earnings. Approximated to be worth $10–15 million USD, he is a shining example of the financial prospects brought about by the digital age. His empire consists of a patchwork of revenue streams, from music careers and TV shows to brand endorsements. Luxurious cars like a Mercedes-Benz GLE, BMW X5, Audi Q7, and a lavish Dhaka home demonstrate the observable effects of his diligent effort.

The Effect on Young People

  • Tawhid Afridi has suddenly become a source of inspiration for Bangladesh’s youth due to his swift ascension in the internet world. Dreamers can learn a lot from his adventure, which has made a significant impact on the internet and is a motivational example of the untapped potential of the virtual world.
  • Beyond the screens, Afridi’s genuine fan connections and modest demeanor provide further support for the achievement of hard-won objectives. Afridi’s philanthropic endeavors and online reach demonstrate his commitment to aiding the underprivileged.
  • He donated food and medicine to individuals impacted by the Sylhet flood, demonstrating compassion that transcends beyond the boundaries of the virtual world. Individuals regularly visit his

In summary

Even now, as Tawhid Afridi stands on the precipice of the future, his story is being told. He is moving himself closer to a time when there will be an endless digital canvas with each upload, performance, and endeavor. The Bangladeshi digital maestro Tawhid Afridi encourages everyone to take in the ever-continuous symphony of his life as he continues to lead the way in innovative innovation. Tawhid Afridi tells a tale of resilience, creativity, and the boundless potential of the digital world that echoes in the codes and pixels amid melodies and chuckles. There is yet more to come, along with laughs, fresh stories, and the unyielding spirit of a creative who dared to dream in binary, so the journey is far from over.

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