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Angelique Boyer

Angelique Boyer, a renowned Mexican actress and model, has captivated audiences worldwide with her exceptional talent and irresistible charm. Born on July 4, 1988, in Saint-Claude, France, Angelique embarked on her path to stardom at a young age. Growing up in Mexico, she developed a passion for the performing arts and soon began pursuing her dreams in the entertainment industry. With her radiant beauty and versatile skills, Angelique quickly conquered both the small and big screens, becoming a household name and earning the admiration of millions.

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NicknameAngelique Boyer
BirthplaceSaint-Claude, Jura, France
BirthdayJuly 4, 1988
Age Now[Calculated based on the current date]
HometownCozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Current TownMexico City, Mexico (assumed based on career)
ReligionNot specified
OccupationActress, Model


Angelique Boyer age

Born In

Born as Angélique Monique-Paulette Boyer Rousseau on July 4th in Saint-Claude, Jura, France, to a French mother and a Mexican father.


Angelique Boyer Acterss

Moved with her family to Mexico

Moved with her family to Mexico at the age of two, marking the beginning of her new life and eventual career in Mexico.


Angelique Boyer movie

her dreams in the performing

Began pursuing her dreams in the performing arts from a young age after growing up in Mexico.


Angelique Boyer family

Mujeres Asesinas 2

Transitioned to mature roles with her casting in “Mujeres Asesinas 2,” showcasing her versatility as an actress.


Angelique Boyer Career

Landed her breakthrough role as Teresa

Landed her breakthrough role as Teresa Chávez in the telenovela “Teresa,” significantly boosting her career and popularity.


Angelique Boyer net worth

Starred in “Vencer el pasado,

Starred in “Vencer el pasado,” playing a molecular biologist named Renata.

Angelique Boyer Educational Journey

Angelique Boyer attended the Centro de Educación Artística (CEA) of Televisa, one of the most prestigious institutions for budding actors in Mexico. This educational institution has nurtured the talents of numerous famous Mexican actors, and Angelique thrived in this creative environment. At CEA, she honed her acting skills, learned the art of storytelling, and gained a solid foundation in the craft of acting. In addition to her studies at CEA, Angelique also pursued a degree in acting from the Universidad de la Comunicación in Mexico City. This tertiary education further expanded her knowledge of the industry and provided her with valuable insights into the world of performing arts.

Angelique Boyer wiki

Throughout her educational journey, Angelique Boyer not only focused on acting skills but also took a holistic approach to her development as an artist. She understood the importance of being well-rounded and diverse in her skill set, which led her to explore various aspects of performing arts. From dancing and singing to improvisation and character development workshops, Angelique embraced every opportunity to improve her craft and expand her capabilities as an actress.


Angelique Boyer is a Mexican actress and model who has gained great popularity for her remarkable talent and stunning beauty. Throughout her career, she has showcased her skills in various television shows and movies, establishing herself as one of the leading actresses in the Mexican entertainment industry. Born on July 4, 1988, in Saint-Claude, France, Boyer moved to Mexico at a young age with her family. Her passion for acting began to blossom during her high school years when she actively participated in school plays and drama competitions. Impressed by her talent, her drama teacher encouraged her to pursue a career in acting.

Personal & Family Life

Angelique Boyer, born Angelique Monique-Paulette Boyer Rousseau, is a renowned Mexican actress who has charmed audiences with her exceptional talent and beauty. While she has tasted immense success in her professional life, her personal and family life has also played a significant role in shaping the person she is today. In recent years, Angelique has found solace and happiness in her relationship with Argentine actor, Alejandro Speitzer. The couple’s pictures together on social media show their affection and admiration for one another. Together, they form a beautiful and supportive partnership, embarking on adventures and enjoying the simple joys of life.

Family Life

Angelique Boyer was born on July 4, 1988, in Saint-Claude, Jura, France as Angelique Monique-Paulette Boyer Rousseau. She was raised in a loving and supportive family, which played a significant role in her personal and professional life. Her parents always encouraged her to pursue her dreams and gave her the freedom to explore her passions. Angelique Boyer’s parents, Sylvie Rousseau and Patrick Boyer, are of French-Mexican descent. Her father, Patrick, hails from France, while her mother, Sylvie, is Mexican. Growing up, Angelique had the unique opportunity of being exposed to both cultures, which greatly influenced her upbringing and eventually aided in her success in the entertainment industry.

Personal life

Angelique Boyer, the Mexican actress known for her stunning beauty and exceptional talent, has captivated the hearts of millions with her performances on-screen. While she may be recognized for her roles in telenovelas, such as Teresa and Lo Que La Vida Me Robó, there is much more to Angelique Boyer than her successful career. In this section, we will delve into her personal life, exploring her early years, family background, and her romantic relationships.

The Impact of Angelique Boyer

Angelique Boyer is a well-known Mexican actress who has made a significant impact in the world of entertainment. With her immense talent, captivating performances, and beautiful demeanor, she has succeeded in capturing the hearts of audiences worldwide. Angelique’s unique blend of versatility, dedication, and charm has set her apart and established her as one of the most influential stars of her generation. Angelique rose to prominence with her breakthrough role as Teresa Chavez Aguirre in the telenovela “Teresa” (2010). Her portrayal of this flawed and complex character garnered critical acclaim and established her as a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry.

Social Networks

In today’s digital age, social networks have become an integral part of people’s lives, enabling them to connect and communicate with others from around the world. Celebrities like Angelique Boyer certainly understand the importance of utilizing these platforms to engage with their fans and share glimpses of their personal and professional lives.

His Favorite Things

Introduction: In this section, we delve into the world of Angelique Boyer’s favorite things, providing insight into her personal preferences and interests. By gaining an understanding of her likes and dislikes, we can further appreciate her multidimensional personality and the things that bring her joy. From her favorite food to her preferred hobbies, let’s explore the fascinating world of Angelique Boyer’s favorite things.

Food: When it comes to gastronomy, Angelique Boyer is known for having an eclectic taste. She has a penchant for exploring different flavors and cuisines. One of her all-time favorite foods is sushi. The delicate combination of fresh and flavorful ingredients paired with its artistic presentation appeals to her refined palate. Additionally, Boyer indulges in homemade Mexican cuisine, particularly enchiladas, as a reminder of her cultural roots. She appreciates the rich blend of spices and the wholesome comfort that it brings to her meals.

Fashion and Style: Known for her impeccable fashion sense, Angelique Boyer’s style is both chic and sophisticated. She gravitates towards elegant yet comfortable attire that enhances her natural beauty. Boyer loves to experiment with different styles, whether it be classic and timeless or bold and edgy. When it comes to accessories, she has a fondness for dainty jewelry pieces, and statement handbags that add the perfect finishing touch to her outfits.

The Achievements of Angelique Boyer

Angelique Boyer, born Angelique Monique-Paulet Boyer Rousseau, is a remarkable Mexican actress and singer who has garnered immense popularity for her outstanding work in the entertainment industry. With her undeniable talent and captivating presence on-screen, she has established herself as one of the most talented and influential figures in the Mexican and Latin American television industry. One of Angelique Boyer’s most notable achievements comes from her extensive television career.

Some Lesser Known Facts About Angelique Boyer

Angelique Boyer bio
  • Angelique Boyer is a well-known Mexican actress who has gained immense popularity for her incredible acting skills and beauty. While many people are aware of her successful career and personal life, some lesser-known facts about Angelique Boyer make her even more intriguing and inspiring. Let’s dive in and discover some interesting aspects about this talented actress.
  • First and foremost, Angelique Boyer’s birth name isn’t Angelique Boyer. She was born as Angélique Monique-Paulette Boyer Rousseau on July 4, 1988, in Saint-Claude, Jura, France. Her French heritage adds an interesting international touch to her identity, highlighting her multicultural background.
  • Boyer’s journey to stardom wasn’t an easy one. At the tender age of eight, she moved to Mexico with her family, leaving behind her birth country. Growing up in Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Angelique faced the challenge of adapting to a new culture and language. However, her determination and passion for acting helped her overcome these obstacles and carve her path to success.
  • While many people believe that Boyer’s first notable role was in the popular telenovela “Teresa” in 2010, they might be surprised to learn that it was not her breakthrough role. She had already made appearances in several other television series and soap operas before landing the coveted role of Teresa Chavez. Boyer’s versatility and talent were recognized early on, but it was her portrayal of Teresa that truly catapulted her to fame and established her as one of the most prominent names in Mexican television.
  • Another lesser-known fact about Boyer is that she is not only an exceptional actress, but she is also a skilled singer. In 2013, she released her debut single, “Alma Rebelde,” which was the theme song for the telenovela of the same name. Her mesmerizing vocals delighted both her fans and critics alike, showcasing her diverse talents and adding another dimension to her artistic career.
  • Aside from her professional achievements, Angelique Boyer has also been involved in various charitable endeavors. She has worked closely with organizations such as “Ayuda y Solidaridad con las Niñas de la Calle” (Help and Solidarity with Street Children) and “Nariz Roja” (Red Nose), demonstrating her commitment to making a positive impact on society. Boyer’s philanthropic efforts alongside her successful acting career exemplify her compassionate nature and desire to contribute to her community.
  • In her personal life, Boyer has been in a relationship with fellow actor Sebastián Rulli since 2014. Together, they form one of the most beloved celebrity couples in the Mexican entertainment industry. Their genuine chemistry on-screen and off-screen has captivated fans worldwide, solidifying their status as a power couple.
  • In conclusion, Angelique Boyer is much more than just a famous actress. Her journey from France to Mexico, her early struggles, and her dedication to philanthropic work make her an inspiration for many. With her innate talent, undeniable beauty, and humble personality, Boyer has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the entertainment world.

In Brief

Angelique Monique-Paulette Boyer Rousseau, known as Angelique Boyer, is a French-Mexican actress born on July 4, 1988, in Saint-Claude, Jura, France. She moved to Mexico with her family at the age of two and holds dual French and Mexican citizenship. Boyer’s early career began with her participation in the soap opera “Rebelde,” where she formed the band Citricus or C3Q’S with co-stars. She transitioned to mature roles in 2009, appearing in “Mujeres Asesinas 2” and later starred in notable telenovelas like “Teresa,” “Abismo de pasión,” and “Lo que la vida me robó.” Boyer continued to secure leading roles in series such as “Tres veces Ana,” “Amar a muerte,” “Imperio de mentiras,” and “Vencer el pasado.” In addition to her acting career, she was part of the musical group Rabanitos Verdes in 2001 and later, C3Q’S, demonstrating her versatility as an entertainer.

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