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Mamunul Haque biography

Mamunul Haque, a name that echoes across Bangladeshi Islamic academia, was born in the bustling metropolis of Azimpur, Dhaka, in November 1973. Being raised in a Bengali Muslim family with deep roots in Qadi customs, he was exposed to the teachings of Islam during his formative years. The family was from the village of Bhirich Khan, Munshiganj. His father, Azizul Haque, had a significant role in shaping his spiritual foundation. The great Azizul Haque was the founder of Bangladesh Khilafat Majlish and the first person to translate Sahih al-Bukhari into Bengali. Mamunul’s early home, with thirteen siblings, became a hub for academic discourse and religious instruction.

Rapid View

Full NameAllama Mamunul Haque
BirthplaceAzimpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh
OccupationIslamic Scholar, Politician
Active Years2010 – Present
BirthdayMay 10, 1973
Age Now49 years (as of 2022)
Zodiac SignTaurus
EducationMaster’s Degree (Mawlana)
SchoolLalbagh Islamic Qwami Madrasa, Dhaka
CollegeJamiya Raymaniya Arabiya, Dhaka
UniversityJamia Rahmania Arabia Dhaka
Home TownAzimpur, Dhaka
Current TownMohammadpur, Dhaka
ResidencyDhaka, Bangladesh


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Bron in

Allama Mamunul Haque was born on May 10, 1973, in Azimpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Mamunul Haque first madrasha

Qwmai Madrasha enrolled

Enrolled in Lalbagh Islamic Qwami Madrasa, Dhaka for further education.


Mamunul Haque wiki

higher studies

Joined Jamiya Raymaniya Arabiya, Dhaka for higher studies.


Mamunul Haque Waz

involved in politics

Started his active career as an Islamic Scholar and became involved in politics.


Mamunul Haque bio

Islamic scholarship and politics

Mamunul Haque continues his active involvement in Islamic scholarship and politics.

Physical Statistics

Height5 feet 11 inches
Weight85 kg
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark

Academic Achievements and Educational Activities

Mamunul Haque began his education in the Lalbagh Islamic Qwami Madrasa in Dhaka, where he laid the groundwork for his later scholarly pursuits. Subsequently, he joined the prestigious Jamia Rahmania Arabia Dhaka, an institution greatly impacted by his father’s background.

His early knack for learning was evident when, at the age of 12, he accomplished the incredible feat of memorizing the entire Quran at the Lalbagh Jame Mosque Madrasa. Mamunul’s commitment to his studies paid off, as he excelled in several subjects and received high marks.

Mamunul Haque: Roles of Leadership, Advocacy, and Popularity

Mamunul Haque started in leadership at the beginning of the 2000s. During the 2013 Hefazat Movement, a turning point in Bangladesh’s sociopolitical history, he led the charge. Mamunul was detained by the Bangladeshi government due to this project, which supported Islamic principles.

Mamunul persevered in his dedication to Islamic goals in the face of challenges. As the Secretary General of Bangladesh Khilafat Majlish in 2020, he rose in the eyes of the Islamic community in that country.

Mamunl haque Boyan

The key factors contributing to Mawlana Mamunul Haque’s fame are her Islamic sermons and her role as an Amir of Hefazat e Islam. These days, Bangladeshi Muslims look up to him as an icon. As he spoke, everyone surged with enthusiasm at

the gathering. Not to mention that he’s famous for being her father. Her father Muhaddis was the leader of the Khilafat Majlis, the architect of the Islamic Oikko Jot, and a prominent Islamic and political figure in Bangladesh. Owing to his exceptional comprehension of Hadith, he was dubbed Shaykhul Hadith. He was recognized for being the first person to translate the Hadith book Bukhari Sharif into Bengali. He describes himself as an Islamist.

Family Life and Individual Challenges

Mamunul Haque’s personal life has been filled with both scandal and happiness. Having been married three times, his second wife, Jannat Ara Jharna, accused him of rape and put him in jail. Mamunul continued to produce stories and contribute to the Monthly Rahmani Paygame while going through personal problems.

Impact and Differences

Mamunul Haque’s influence extends beyond Bangladesh. Considered the Shaykh al-Hadith of Jamia Rahmania Arabia Dhaka, his sermons and talks strike a chord with listeners. However, there hasn’t been any debate over its effect. His hard-line stance against atheists and secularists has made him a polarizing figure who has triggered rallies calling for his arrest and punishment.

Charges and Court Cases Recent

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Mamunul Haque, the former joint secretary general of Hefazat-e-Islam Bangladesh, was successful in getting bail in five cases starting in 2021 after a challenging court battle. Despite this, 41 accusations have been made against him, leaving him entangled in a complex legal web. The crimes, which are the result of several police stations, occur against the somber backdrop of the violence that occurred in Chittagong on March 26, 2021, and resulted in the deaths of at least 17 individuals.

Mamunul’s ensuing arrests and accusations—most notably, the rape accusation made by his second wife—have further complicated his already contentious public image. Supporters and opponents of Mamunul Haque’s intricate tale are keeping an eye on the developing judicial drama to see what will happen next.

Haque Mamunul’s Contributions

Mamunul Haque is renowned for his contributions as an Islamic scholar. Although he may not be eligible for awards in the traditional sense, his prominence stems from his position as the Principal of Jamia Rahmania Arabia Dhaka Madrasa and his leadership roles in several Islamic organizations, including Hefazat-e-Islam Bangladesh and Bangladesh Khilafah Majlis. His importance in the community is demonstrated by his leadership and influence inside these religious groups.

His Favorite Thing

FoodRice, Biriyani, Arabian Food
ColorBlue, Black, White, Yellow
HobbiesReading, Traveling, Speaking
Mamunul Haque profession

Some Less Popular Details About Mamunul Haque

  • Early Education in a Qwami Madrasa: Mamunul Haque’s early immersion in Islamic studies is reflected in his scholastic journey, which he started in Dhaka at the Lalbagh Islamic Qwami Madrasa.
    Multilingual Proficiency: Mamunul Haque completed a diploma in Bengali, English, and other languages, demonstrating his multilingualism in addition to his extensive understanding of Arabic and Islamic studies.
    Academic Accomplishments: In addition to his religious instruction, he pursued a formal education, graduating from the Asian University of Bangladesh with honors in economics.
  • Establishing Mahadut Tarbiatul Islam: In keeping with his dedication to the advancement of education, Mamunul Haque founded Mahadut Tarbiatul Islam, an organization specializing in higher Islamic education, research, and training.
    part in the construction of the Babri Mosque Bangladesh: He was instrumental in starting the building of the Babri Mosque. in February 2020, signifying his participation in noteworthy communal and religious initiatives, in Dhaka.
  • Mamunul Haque’s family and marital history include two marriages. Amena Tayeba was his first wife, and Jannat Ara Jhorna was his second. Between his two marriages, he has children.
    Social Media Presence: Mamunul Haque uses Facebook and Instagram, among other social media platforms, to communicate and express his opinions with the public.
    Legal Difficulties: Mamunul Haque had to deal with charges and arrests in addition to other legal difficulties. His public character has become more nuanced due to his involvement in many court disputes, some of which are connected to his personal life.
  • Engagement in Diverse Islamic Movements: Mamunul Haque has been involved in several Islamic movements. He is the Secretary General of Bangladesh Khilafah Majlis and the Joint Secretary General of Hefazat-e-Islam Bangladesh. Statements that Aroused Controversy: Mamunul Haque has a history of making remarks that provoked debate. One such instance was his warning during a protest about dire repercussions if the Prophet’s reputation was not upheld.

In brief:

Mamunul Haque left behind a complicated legacy that is a reflection of a life devoted to activism, religious study, and overcoming personal adversity. His impact on the formation of Bangladesh’s Islamic environment is undeniable; both his supporters and detractors have acknowledged this. Mamunul is still a well-known person who adeptly navigates the intersection of controversy, leadership, and faith—even though the future is uncertain. Analyzing Mamunul Haque’s life reveals a complex tapestry of tenacity, faith, and the skillful juggling of a private and public existence.

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