UFC: 5 Best Wins and Knockouts of Max Holloway

UFC: 5 Best Wins By Max Holloway via Knockout:UFC News:Max Holloway is regarded as a legendary featherweight fighter. Both his excellent and…

UFC: 5 Best Wins By Max Holloway via Knockout:UFC News:Max Holloway is regarded as a legendary featherweight fighter. Both his excellent and awful bouts in the Octagon are hard to forget.  Follow UFC News Updates with InsideSport.IN.

Max Holloway has won multiple UFC titles, making him a legend in mixed martial arts. The former featherweight champ has proven himself to be not just a fantastic champion, but also one of the most skilled boxers in the UFC. Lets look at some of his best title wins through Knockouts.

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Max Holloway Vs Antony Pettis:

UFC 206 featured a featherweight title fight between interim champions Holloway and Pettis. Pettis was unlucky in that even if he had won, he wouldn’t have been able to claim the championship because he hadn’t made weight.

This would be Holloway’s first opportunity to headline a UFC PPV card and show off his talents to a worldwide audience. He accomplished this by scoring a third-round knockout. A well-timed body kick from Holloway set up Pettis for a spectacular submission attempt against the cage. If Holloway were to win, he would be able to challenge José Aldo for the vacant title.

UFC 212 Max Holloway Vs Jose Aldo:

After Max Holloway won the interim featherweight title, he had to go out and beat Jose Aldo, the best featherweight of all time in UFC 212. Despite a sluggish beginning in which Aldo used his Muay Thai to restrain Holloway, the interim champion eventually opened up and found his groove.

A beautiful 1-2 combination in the third round knocked out the champion and set up Holloway’s finisher. He became the new UFC featherweight champion shortly after that.

UFC 231 Max Holloway Vs Brain Ortega:

Holloway, the defending champion, fought like a seasoned great, giving his opponent no quarter and steadily chipping away at him until his resistance was nil. Ortega challenged for the title while on a six-fight winning streak, all of which were knockout victories over some of the greatest in the sport.

Even the black belt couldn’t stop Holloway. The lightweight champion pummelling Ortega on the ground with fast, steady blows.

The doctor interrupted the fight in the fourth round after Holloway repeatedly hit Ortega in the face with a boxing glove. The fight was a lopsided demonstration of Holloway’s superior boxing skills. Holloway received a performance of the night and fight of the night bonus for his efforts.

Max Holloway Vs Akira Corassani: The older and more experienced Corassani represented a significant test for Holloway, on paper. Still, Holloway won convincingly and clean, and also demonstrated here that he was capable of not just beating other young prospects, but also the sport’s established veterans. The win also extended his win-streak at the time to four-straight victories.

Max Holloway Vs Clay Collard: Holloway was scheduled to replace an injured Ernest Chavez against Mirsad Bekti at UFC Fight Night 49 on August 23, 2014. Bektic, however, backed out of the fight in the final week before the big show, and promotion newcomer Clay Collard took his place. A third-round technical knockout gave Holloway the victory.

Collard came out of the gate ready to take the initiative by setting a fast pace. It did allow for some clean blows, but Holloway won by using a combination of punches and kicks, many of which connected squarely. Collard exhibited a strong chin but a weak defence, both of which would eventually lead to his defeat.

After that, Holloway took the initiative in the second round, throwing a few sharp counter-punches. Holloway kept on attacking while Collard chased and attempted for takedowns.

Collard’s anger became more apparent as the second round progressed and continued into the third. He persisted, but Holloway’s countershots and takedown defence were beginning to take their toll. Collard wasn’t helped by Holloway’s takedown and ground and pound attack late in the bout.

In the 3:47 mark of the fourth and final round, Holloway won by technical knockout after unleashing a ferocious attack from the mount.

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