Is Conor McGregor joining the WWE?

UFC News: WrestleMania 39 aftermath: Conor McGregor has teased his potential debut in the WWE, right after UFC’s parent company Endeavour got…

UFC News: WrestleMania 39 aftermath: Conor McGregor has teased his potential debut in the WWE, right after UFC’s parent company Endeavour got rumored to purchase the pro-wrestling brand. ‘Notorious’ McGregor took to social media and envisioned himself becoming a WWE champion amidst the hype for WrestleMania 39. Follow UFC updates with Insidesport.IN. 

Conor McGregor posted an edited image of himself doing the WWE and the UFC belt. However, Paul Heyman didn’t hesitate to lash out at the former UFC double champion.

In response to Conor McGregor’s possible WWE debut, Paul Heyman wrote, “[Conor McGregor] is a [Roman Reigns] wannabe.”

That didn’t go very well with Heyman as Conor McGregor fired back and wrote, “Careful Grampa. I’ll show up and break your jaw in 3 places.”

This wasn’t the first time that Paul Heyman disregarded Conor McGregor. Back when Heyman was working with Brock Lesnar, he denied knowing who the UFC star was in a sarcastic manner.

Meanwhile, Conor McGregor has also been critical of the WWE superstars when he went on to ridicule John Cena in an interview. Things escalated pretty quickly from there as the entire UFC fans and WWE fans were split into two halves.

Conor McGregor, however, dedicated himself to MMA, acting, boxing, and his business endeavors. While several UFC fighters like Ronda Rousey, Cain Velasquez, and many others have transitioned to pro-wrestling, Conor McGregor’s chances of joining the WWE cannot be ruled out completely.

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Will Conor McGregor join the WWE right away?

Conor McGregor is scheduled to make his UFC comeback this year against Michael Chandler. After the end of TUF season 31, McGregor vs Chandler will take place possibly in Las Vegas. Hence, the Irishman isn’t joining the WWE anytime soon.

Upon beating Michael Chandler in the UFC, Conor McGregor shall get a title shot. However, ‘Notorious’ McGregor can potentially make a small WWE appearance somewhere down the line if he doesn’t join the wrestling company as a full-time athlete.

Conor McGregor Camp update: UFC News: UFC star showcases massive shape ahead of Michael Chandler clash, Conor McGregor vs Michael Chandler
Conor McGregor vs Michael Chandler is all set to happen in the UFC

Conor McGregor is one of the richest athletes in the world right now with a net worth of almost $300 million (estimated). He no longer needs to compete for money. That said, a lot of it depends on how McGregor performs against Michael Chandler.

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