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Prottoy Heron

Prottoy Heron is a charismatic and vivacious person from Bangladesh who has gained notoriety as an actor and YouTuber. Prottoy, a storyteller who was born on June 14, 2001, in Narayanganj, Bangladesh, has documented his life’s journey through photography. This comprehensive biography explores every facet of Prottoy Heron’s life, including his early years, personal life, profession, and most recent achievements.

Rapid View

Full NameProttoy Heron
BirthplaceNarayanganj, Bangladesh
OccupationYouTuber, Actor, Model
Active Years2015 – present
BirthdayJune 14, 2001
Age Now22 years (as of knowledge cutoff in January 2022)
Zodiac SignGemini
EducationHSC (Higher Secondary Certificate)
SchoolAdarsha School Narayanganj
College/UniversityNarayanganj College & University
Home TownDhaka, Narayanganj
Current TownDhaka, Narayanganj
ResidencyDhaka, Narayanganj


Prottoy Heron age

Born In

Prottoy Heron is born in Narayanganj, Bangladesh, as a charismatic and vivacious individual.


Prottoy Heron bio

Begins early education

Begins early education and discovers a passion for storytelling.


 youtuber Prottoy Heron

Shows early sign

Shows early signs of creativity and charisma, capturing attention through his storytelling skills.


Prottoy Heron natok

Completes secondary education

Completes secondary education and decides to pursue higher studies in a creative field.


 youtuber Prottoy Heron

Launches a YouTube channel

Launches a YouTube channel, showcasing his storytelling and vlogging skills.


Leaps acting Prottoy Heron

Leaps acting

Leaps acting, making a notable debut in the entertainment industry.


FatherMuhammad Alamgir Heron
MotherShalina Akter
BrotherWill update (if applicable)
SisterWill update (if applicable)
Marital StatusSingle
ChildrenWill update (if applicable)
Home AddressNarayanganj

Prottoy Heron Childhood and Schooling

On a gorgeous June day in 2001, Prottoy Heron’s quest began in the bustling Bangladeshi city of Narayanganj. His father Muhammad Alamgir Heron, a businessman, and his mother Shalina Akter, a homemaker, laid the groundwork for his early years. Raised in a middle-class household, Prottoy navigated the challenges of adolescence in a close-knit community.

Prottoy Heron biography

He attended Adarsha School Narayanganj before continuing his education at Narayanganj College & University. Prottoy’s academic career came to an end when he received his Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC), and he began traveling and experiencing life outside of textbooks.

The ascent of Protoy Heron

Rather than being predestined, Prottoy’s entry into the entertainment sector stemmed from his innate love of stories. The budding musician experimented with the vast world of YouTube at the age of fourteen. Prottoy set out on a journey that would become him one of Bangladesh’s most well-known YouTubers. He had a gift for comedy and an innate ability to connect with his audience.

The Ajaira LTD’s Ascent

With the support of like-minded individuals, Prottoy Heron founded “The Ajaira LTD,” a YouTube channel that would gain popularity very rapidly, in 2015. The channel, which combined comedy, satire, and social critique, connected with young people and helped establish Prottoy as a well-known figure. Ajaira LTD’s content was more than just entertainment; it provided a glimpse into the thoughts of a generation that was using the internet to come of age.

Because Prottoy collaborated with DJ Alvee and other well-known YouTubers, the video had depth and an alluring combination that kept viewers interested. Prottoy became a household name as the number of channel subscribers skyrocketed to over 4.5 million and the number of views surpassed 500 million.

Prottoy Heron, the YouTuber and actor

Beyond the virtual realm, Prottoy Heron has demonstrated his acting prowess. As a professional Bangladeshi actor, he has performed in dramas and films, proving that his narrative abilities extend beyond the confines of a YouTube screen. His contributions to Bangladesh’s entertainment industry are always changing, showing how traditional and modern media may coexist.

Interests and Personal Life

Prottoy has a well-known public character, yet little is known about his private life. He was brought up in an Islamic household and adheres to its teachings, which has given him an understanding of the theological basis for his ethical principles. Prottoy’s father Muhammad Alamgir Heron and mother Shalina Akter have made a big impact on his life.

Despite his hectic schedule, Prottoy finds solace in his hobbies. He likes to travel, shop, see movies, and listen to music. His preferred meals, like biryani and bhuna Khichuri, reveal his culinary preferences. Prottoy’s color scheme is typified by the tones of red, black, and blue.

Preferred Items of Prottoy Heron

Favorite ActorWill update
Favorite ActressWill update
Favorite ColorBlue
Favorite FoodBiriyani
Favorite MovieNot Known

Significant Accomplishments and Acknowledgment

Prottoy Heron’s efforts have not gone unnoticed. According to websites like Forbes, Business Insider, and Wikipedia, he is a testament to the financial success that can be obtained through internet activities, with an estimated net worth of two million US dollars. His notable accomplishments, which include the publication of hit songs and his ascent to fame in West Bengal, India, underscore the importance of his artistic pursuits.

Lately, Arrest and Legal Challenges

Prottoy Heron’s narrative has taken on a more intricate turn with his and two other YouTubers’ recent incarceration. The allegation that the fourth season of “Bodmaish Polapain” contained illegal betting advertising has raised questions about the moral boundaries of creating digital entertainment. The revelation of financial transactions and the participation of an Indian agent shed light on the intricate network of problems that content providers deal with.

Prottoy’s admission during questioning, which revealed that the adverts paid between BDT 70,000 and BDT 100,000 every episode, has sparked discussions about the ethics of content creation and the influence of third parties on digital media.

A Few Unknown Facts Regarding Prottoy Heron

Prottoy Heron wiki
  • Prottoy Heron keeps information about his family and siblings hidden, leading to a rather private life despite his colorful online presence.
  • Prottoy’s entry into the YouTube community dates back to when he was just 14 years old, demonstrating his early propensity for creating digital material.
    Prottoy has expanded his varied career by entering the modeling industry in addition to his duties as an actor and YouTuber.
  • Prottoy has become well-known not only in Bangladesh but also in West Bengal, India, where his viral videos have attracted a lot of attention.
    His favored hues, which include red, black, and blue, reveal something about his artistic tastes.
    Prottoy’s participation in the web series “Bodmaish Polapain” brought up legal issues in addition to fame, including emphasizing the complexities faced by content creators.
  • Prottoy Heron’s estimated net worth of $2 million US is indicative of his financial achievement, according to publications including Business Insider, Forbes, and Wikipedia.
    Prottoy has demonstrated his acting abilities in conventional media as well as the digital sphere, which has led to the dynamic confluence of traditional and digital entertainment.
    Prottoy’s favorite dishes, such as bhuna Khichuri and biriyani, demonstrate his taste preferences and the flavors that appeal to him.
  • Prottoy continues to be a prominent and important person on social media, sustaining his influence on the digital landscape despite the difficulties and legal complications.

In brief

Prottoy Heron, who rose from a young child in Narayanganj to become a well-known YouTuber and actor, is a shining illustration of the revolutionary power of the digital age. He is a prominent figure in Bangladesh’s digital landscape thanks to his storytelling prowess and capacity to connect with a diverse group of people. However, the most recent legal battles draw attention to the challenges faced by content creators in adjusting to the rapidly evolving digital media landscape.

Prottoy’s transition from YouTuber to actor serves as an example of how traditional and digital media are combining to create a microcosm of the more significant shifts taking place in the entertainment sector. Prottoy Heron is still a big player in the quickly evolving field, whether he’s fighting the law or making people laugh with his funny sketches. domain of digital narrative. His experience, which was replete with both achievements and disappointments, is evidence of the dynamism and unpredictability of being a modern content creator.

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