Shakira’s EX GERARD PIQUE being CHEATED ON with Pep Guardiola? Shocking rumours of Clara Chia SECRET RELATIONSHIP with Manchester City Coach ROCK Footballing World, Deets here

Gerard Pique: Getting the taste of your own medicine is never a good thing, is it? It looks like Gerard Pique is…

Gerard Pique: Getting the taste of your own medicine is never a good thing, is it? It looks like Gerard Pique is the latest one to feel the weight of this sentence. Pique and Colombian Pop star, Shakira were together for more than 10 years and have been together ever since the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. They also share two kids together, Milan and Sasha. But, all that was thrown away when Pique cheated on his partner with Clara Chia, who works in his firm. Now, reports suggest that Clara Chia has had a secret relationship with Pep Guardiola, while dating Pique. Follow Gerard Pique LIVE Updates on InsideSport.IN

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Shakira and Gerard Pique’s split into two separate sects split the world in two. After a bottle of jam led to his downfall, the Spanish defender, who had been having an affair with his partner at the time, did not express much regret for his behavior.

The love triangle involving Pique, Shakira, and the center-back’s new partner Clara Chia has recently undergone a significant twist according to headline news from SPORT.

Chia has not been loyal to the former Barcelona star, claims the Spanish publication. She may be secretly dating Pep Guardiola, the former FC Barcelona head coach, according to the media. Because his kids attended the same school as Chia, it is claimed that Guardiola is acquainted with her.

The triangle of infidelity is still growing and now includes names that one would never have thought of. However, it’s been claimed that Chia had an affair with Guardiola in retaliation for Pique having an affair with a young lawyer behind her back.

In their public appearances and social media posts, the couple does not appear to be having any issues, but one is aware that the internet rarely reflects reality.

Gerard Pique’s words in Gerard Romero’s stream

On Gerard Romero’s broadcast earlier this week, the World Cup winner made an intriguing point regarding people’s obsession with acceptance and the need for a braver and more accepting community.

Pique said, ‘People of 15, 18, 30 years old looking for the approval of others to do what they want… But what kind of world do we live in? With IG filters, ‘I have to look better’… Let people do whatever they want. People just don’t get it.’

He also responded to questions from the media about his private life and justified his position by asserting that everyone had the freedom to conduct their lives according to their own norms. He said, ‘We are born to do whatever we want. If they don’t agree, I don’t care. If you are famous, they try to find flaws in you. If you are successful, it’s because you have a lot of money. If you’re not successful, you’re a failure. It’s always the same. Live your life.’

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After leaving Barcelona in the middle of the season, Pique seemed to have turned to business. Over 2 million people watched his most recent project, The Kings League’s last four phases, including 90,000 spectators at Spotify Camp Nou.

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